One Class/Week

Two Classes/ Week

Three Classes/Week




Based on a standard 45 minute class.

The above prices are based on the sum of classes throughout a standard 12 week term. Please note term lengths do vary.

Individual Class Prices:

30 minute tiny tot ballet =£5/class

45 minute class =£6/class

60 minute musical theatre class =£8/class

A 5% discount is applied when two classes are taken and a 10% discount is applied when taking 3 or more classes. These discounts are applied to families as well, e.g. if two sisters do one class each the 5% discount will apply.

Private one to one classes are also available for either exam preparation, festival pieces or extra tuition at any time (including the school holidays) and these will be charged at £30 for one hour.

Fees are expected to be paid within the first two weeks of term, if paid at any point after the two weeks a £5 late fee will be charged.

When first joining the school all students are allowed a two week trial period to see if they wish to continue. For these two weeks all classes for the two week period can be paid by cash on the day and the class will cost just £3.00 per class. After this classes are charged at the full price.

If an invoice cannot be paid in full by the date stated I am more than happy to come up with an arrangement for the invoice to be paid in two or three instalments. Please speak directly to Miss Fiona to arrange this, not the Miss Charlottes!

Details of payment methods will be stated on the invoice, it will either be by cheque, cash or a direct bank transfer which will have a unique reference code.


The last class for thr Spring term is Saturday 6th April 2019.

Classes start back on Tuesday 23rd April 2019.

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