My 8 year daughter and 6 year old twin girls have all been with FFF since they were 4 and they love all their classes - ballet, modern, tap and musical theatre.... the highlight for them so far was working for the annual show - amazing organisation and fabulous choreography from Miss Fiona and her excellent team of teachers meant a memorable experience for all involved.. I notice also how my girls are forging great friendships within their classes and there is a great sense of camaraderie in the class especially for my older daughter who has worked through exams and the show with a great group of children. The quality of the dance teaching is excellent ( and the thorough, supportive preparation for exams means all students go in feeling confident in their ability to do well). I would highly recommend FFF to any prospective parent whose children are keen to start dancing....

Ali, Mum of Hana, Louisa and Isabella


‘I love my musical theatre class, because I love the acting, dancing and singing. It’s really fun. Charlotte is a kind teacher and does loads of fun games. You get to do shows too, which makes me feel excited and energetic.'

Annoushka, age 8


My girls are new to the area and also to Fiona's dance school. I had a few reservations before they started with Fiona as they came from a large dance school back in Essex and they were very reluctant to move to Kingsbridge for having to leave their dance school. I was on the hunt to find a dance school that matched the performance levels that we had been accustomed too. I was unsure how they would adapt to Fiona’s smaller classes and the different teaching style. I needn’t have been worried. Fiona is a fantastic dance teacher. She engages with all her students and knows how to get the best performance out of them. I have watched her teach and she is extremely thorough in the delivery of her dance classes.  My daughters are really enjoying the dance school and have made some great friends. Thanks Fiona for welcoming us to your lovely dance school!

Emma, Mum of Kitty and Elsie


Lily absolutely loves attending Fiona's Fancy Feet Ballet class. Getting dressed up into her leotard and little blue skirt is a highlight of the week, and the ballet has really helped improve her balance and coordination. Fiona is an excellent teacher and introduces the children not only to dance, but also helps them understand rhythm and different types of music.

The classes are fun whilst also being productive and it's amazing to see the children improve and start to learn different moves and routines - we highly recommend Fiona's Fancy Feet!

Liz, Mum of Lily






My daughter took some persuasion to try Fiona’s Tiny Tots class having been put off ballet by a bad experience with another dance school, but she absolutely loved it from the first moment and hasn’t looked back! Fiona is a fantastic teacher who has a great rapport with the children - they learn a lot, but most importantly have fun at the same time. My daughter has been doing ballet for three years now, has performed in two shows, attended the summer school, and is looking forward to doing her first exam next year. Her younger sister also now does ballet and has recently started the new Groove Child class, which she absolutely loves and is the highlight of her week! She can’t wait to do musical theatre too. The whole dance school is superbly well organised and has a brilliant ethos.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Chloe, Mum of Elinor and Anna



‘We love Miss Fiona's enthusiastic way of teaching, she has inspired us to think of dance in a variety of different ways not just as one big category. Now we all have a much better understanding of how to dance and what dance really means to us. She is fantastic at teaching when the work can be repetitive but still manages to make it fun whether it is by using scarfs or festive music. She will not move on until every single person in the room has got the move. Her fun vibe has us buzzing for every lesson.’

Olly, age 11 


Fiona's Fancy Feet is a professionally-run, friendly and innovative dance school. My four-year-old loves her ballet and tap/modern classes - so much so that she now wants to do the musical theatre class too! 

Miss Fiona expertly tailors the classes to ensure that learning happens at the right pace for the age group. As a mum of young children herself, she knows how to coax the best out of her pupils and build their confidence. Above all, she makes the classes fun.

Sally, Mum of Liberty


Both of my girls have attended classes with Miss Fiona as she offers a wide variety of classes that allow children of all ages /interests to explore and learn varied dance styles.  I had quite a few questions when my girls first started and Miss Fiona was soo helpful and quick to communicate and help coordinate appropriate clothing and provide thorough information about the school , venues etc. I felt very confident in her and the classes she offered throughout the school term  as well as , the fab summer camps! My youngest daughter started in ballet and then decided she’d prefer tap and looks forward to every week. I’d highly recommend Fancy Feet/ Miss Fiona to anyone looking to involve their child in dance.

Katherine, Mum of Bella and Millie


Ther summer term starts on MOnday 19th April 2021!

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